Big K Fertilizer is a Bio-Sul dealer and applicator

Bio-Sul is the longest lasting elemental Sulphur on the marketing. By using compost as a carrier, our production costs are greatly reduced. Big K Fertilizer passes that value on to you. Variable particle size means that Bio-Sul Premium Plus breaks down naturally over time.  Expect one application to last longer than any other in the industry.

Why Sulphur? 

Crops with the highest requirement for sulphur are generally those with the highest protein contents and particularly, proteins containing high levels of cysteine and methionine. Among the crops commonly grown in western Canada, canola has by far the highest requirement. Within cereals, oat has the greatest overall requirement. A big mistake malt barley growers make is to eliminate sulphur from their fertilizer blends.

BioSul Elemental Sulphur Vs. Sulphate Sulphur

Elemental Sulphur and gypsum have long been used in environments prone to leaching. One of the advantages of elemental sulphur is that only the portion that converts to SO4-S can be lost; the remainder is still in place for release to the growing crop. In waterlogged conditions, where sulphate sulphur could be lost by leaching or runoff, the bacteria will become dormant, so sulphur will not be lost. In high soil pH regions, elemental sulphur can be used in large amounts to drive down soil pH.

In the case of land with high Na levels where there is hardpan areas, surface puddling, large soil lumps, or surface crusting that seedlings can’t grow up through, sulphur will work to convert the problematic immobile Na ++ into water-soluble NaSO4and help get it gone provided water can be encouraged to move to depth. This is an excellent solution for irrigated fields where the irrigation water is bringing in sodium.

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10 Reasons to use Bio Sul 

10 reasons to use Bio-Sul Sulphur fertilizer