For Dugouts, Stormwater Ponds, and Large Residential Ponds 

With so many variables affecting your pond, choosing the correct treatment options can be confusing. This Combo Pack treatment maintenance guide brings you easy-to-read information on common issues, helps you understand the factors that contribute to them and explains how Combo Packs tackle each problem.

Ponds and lakes are very sensitive to outside influences especially the quality of water flowing into them and the nutrients and organic material being washed or blown into them. The ideal pond has clear cool water, low nutrient levels and lots of large-leaved aquatic plants for shade. However, over time the gradual build-up of organic matter and nutrients washed into the pond can lead to too much plant or algae growth. This bloom dies and rots, depleting oxygen in the water and killing fish. This process is called eutrophication and is bad for the health of the pond. Eutrophic ponds have cloudy and dark colored water with bad odour, low oxygen levels, thick stagnant sediments and lots of algae.

Why AdvancedWater Combo Packs? 

  • Cleans and Clears Up Water
  • Destroys Foul Odors
  • Digests Bottom Sludge

AdvancedAG ACF-SR: Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria

ACF-SR deliversa broad spectrum of beneficial soil bacteria to enhanceplant and root growth while drastically improvig soil structure/health.

ACF-SR can be brewed days before application for a super concentrated, live dose at an affordable cost.

Species and Functions

Rhodopseudomonas palustris Enhances soil bio activity & nitrogen fixation
Bacillus licheniformis Enhances soil bioactivity & provides plant growth hormones
Nitrosomonas europaea Converts ammonia to nitrate & solubilizes phosphates
Nitrobacter winogradskyi Converts nitrite to nitrate & solubilizes phosphates
Bacillus subtilis  Solubilizes phosphates & siderophore production